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Meet Antonio

A powerful Latino voice in Texas

Antonio is a proven human rights advocate, whose efforts have resulted in the engagement, and mobilization of thousands of young Latino voters in Texas. Named one of the most influential Latinos in the United States by Hispanicize, Antonio's social media accounts reach a combined 100 thousand millennial voters. He uses his voice and platforms to encourage young Latinos to make systemic change on racial, immigration, economic, environmental and gender justice issues through leadership development and advocacy. 

"The future has arrived and we refuse to wait any longer to be brown, black and brilliant!"

Antonio is passionate about creating systemic change and is innovating civic engagement for a new generation. As the Interim Executive Director of Jolt, Antonio is a catalyst for change in Texas. 


Man of


Growing up as an undocumented immigrant, Antonio witnessed firsthand the injustices families like his had to endure and became acutely aware of the discrimination they had to tolerate simply because of who we were and where we came from. This upbringing sparked his lifelong passion for human rights.

Transforming Texas

Jolt Action is the largest Latino progressive 501 c4 organization in Texas, focused on building political power and growing the influence of young Latinos.

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Jolt Initiative is a 501c3 organization that lifts up the voice, vote, and issues impacting young Latinos to build a stronger Texas and democracy. As a multi-issue civic-engagement organization, Jolt builds power for Latinos in Texas to make systemic change on racial, economic, environmental and gender justice. Jolt seeks to build culture shift strategy and counter-narrative to the dominant forces that currently depict the Latino community in Texas as dangerous outsiders, through voting, art, culture, and storytelling.

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Poder Quince is a Texas-based civic engagement campaign by Jolt Initiative that works with Quinceañeras in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Poder quince is harnessing the power of Latino culter to create a new tradition of civic participation and increase voter registration in the Lone Star State.

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